MikoCall Emergency Nursing Call

The Miko Call emergency Call system adopts Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) to answer emergency Calls through the existing telephone system, and it breaks through the limitations of closed environments from traditional Call bell. The Miko Call emergency Call system supports external power supply or POE supply, and can be widely used in bedside emergency Call, waterproof toilet emergency Call, or emergency Call in public areas with multiple hardware specifications.
While Miko Call emergency Call system combined with the Miko IoT healthcare management platform, it can intelligently delivers emergency Calls to dedicated personnel devices based on information such as emergency Call responsibility areas, shift information, IoT location messages, and IoT sensing device real-time status.
As the result, when ward emergency call pressed, calling can be transmitted to the dedicated caregiver mobile phone. Though IoT function, the location information from regional emergency calls can be intelligently determined. Owing to the integration to radio info system, message can also be automatically transmitted to regional security guard.